CAPITAL SIP: Causes RGS Queue Errors


If you see any of the below errors in your Lync 2010 Front End servers event log, changes are you may have used capitalisation in the “SIP:” notation pre-pended to the SIP address.

e.g. SIP:

The Lync control panel will tell you when you forget to add “sip:” but fails to inform you the “SIP:” will cause issue.

EventID: 31012
A valid URI was not specified for the queue time out destination.

EventID: 31161
The Match Making service could not transfer the call because of an error in the queue configuration.

EventID: 31117
The workflow runtime encountered a critical error.



  1. THANK YOU!!! Two days of searching why my response group was not working and FINALLY found this article! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!!!!!


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