PowerShell Manager – Script Manager


PowerShell Script Manager is my first C# attempt to create something useful for the Microsoft community. Please let me know if you find this tool useful and I will make sure that it is improved with your feedback.

What is PowerShell Manager?

PowerShell Manager is a script manager allowing you to save and assign variables to commonly used scripts. PowerShell Manager allows you to create multiple profiles so that commonly used variables can saved and reused on a per profile/customer basis.

Important Notes
I will work on documentation as time permits, however some important notes:

  • PowerShell scripts imported in to PowerShell Manager require defined parameters so that they can be passed in to the script. If your script does not have parameters you can still run the script with no parameters.


  • Script file names are unique across all profiles. If you import a script a that currently exists you will be asked if you want to overwrite the existing one or just reference it.

    If you have a script that is customized to a particular customer, rename it accordingly.

  • Similarly when you delete a script you can select “Yes” to delete it from all profiles, or “No” just to remove the reference to it in the current profile.



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