Skype for Business 2015 Migration Step by Step


If you want to upgrade to Skype for Business Server 2015, and don’t have a purely Lync Server 2013 environment, you will have to follow the migration path. The recommended path is to migrate from OCS or Lync Server 2010 to Lync Server 2013, then complete an in-place upgrade.

If you already have a purely Lync Server 2013 environment, you can skip straight to an in-place upgrade.
See the following links for more information on the other deployment options:
To learn how to migrate to Lync Server 2013 see the following links:



    • When I originally wrote this the guidance was a little unclear. Most of the information out there suggested the best path was to migrate to 2013, then in-place upgrade to 2015. Based on the article it looks like a migration directly to 2010 is supported, and this would fit with Microsoft’s statement that you can only have 2 versions at one time. I haven’t done this myself. I would just make sure Lync 2010 is fully patched before you start. Hope that helps a bit.

  1. Hi Andrew,

    do you have the steps on migrating Lync2013 to SFB2015 in parallel? i mean, not an in place upgrade. i will setup a new SFB infra then migrate all users. i cannot find any articles that are suitable for our requirements. ive finished installing prereq for my FE server and i have run the deployment wizards. after doing so, the Prepare AD is already completed in status but i did not do any prepare schema/forest or domains. is it normal ? i remember during my migration from Lync2010 to Lync2013, i did Prepare AD domain services before proceeding to the actual setup/topology creation. please help.

    thank you.

  2. We are currently on O365/ hybrid mode for email already, 99% of our user base is using Exchange Online, dirsync is working properly and I verified we have Skype for business licenses (E3 License) but I am just not sure exactly how to go about it. We have Lync 2010 on-prem and one server with Lync 2013 Administrative tools


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