AD Contacts Displayed Incorrectly in Skype4B


Active Directory contacts can be indexed by the Skype for Business (Lync) address book so they can be search by users. I have noticed some inconsistency in how the Skype for Business Contact Card displays these. For example:

  • Contact display name is a phone number
  • Search results show a phone number rather than display name
  • Some numbers do not show up at all
  • IM address displayed as a phone number

Microsoft are aware of this issue, however it was supposed to be resolved in the July 2015 client updates. My testing has shown that this is not the case. The only improvement I could find is that the display name is now correct in search results, but still appears as a phone number in the contact card.

You can work around this issue by adding an IM address for all your contacts. This can be achieved by populating the contacts msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress address with a false SIP address:




  1. Two years later and this is still an issue…

    I am experiencing a similar issue with Skype For Business Online and the Skype for Business Mac application and iOS Application.

    We have DirSync setup and the contacts are making their way over to the S4B Online, however when searching for a contact the display appears as the number. I can search on the name, but it is not on the contact card.

    This does however not appear to be an issue with our Windows users.

    I am currently testing adding a sip to the msRTSIP-PrimaryUserAddress, one in the domain and the other the other an outside SMTP address, and can report back with my findings.

    • The contact card is a dark art, something that could really do with some improvements. I guess that will happen in Teams now, so we are probably stuck with what we have got. Let me know how you get on.

  2. I do have the same issue, with all contacts inside my organisation, which are not UC enabled and the hole GAL from the AD.
    The display name does change in the Outlook and gets replaced with the phone number. As the Skype client is shut down, the problem disappears. If this issue cannot be solved, our migration to Skype for Business has no future….

      • Correct, Teams wont come to on-premises but it will gain all of the features of SfB + more. Teams is really just a client experience and it will continue to leverage SfB Online for calling capabilities. SfB Server 2019 is in the making.

    • What client/server versions are you running? Might pay to try latest versions if you haven’t already. It could also be something to do with AD, it may need sanitizing. Ideally you also want all your users to have unique numbers listed in AD.

      • Sorry for my late response – I was busy.
        We do have the latest CU of the 2013 SFB server and the latest 2016 client. The problem does not occur within the AD Users which are UC enabled, but there are some used mailboxes who do have a phone number in the AD, but no UC and the much bigger issue are all the contacts in the GAL.
        But the workaround within the attribute msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress does work fine and we know do write down the value “sip:[email protected]” in every contact and everything is working fine.


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