Microsoft Teams Call Queue delay and the Conference Mode fix


For a long while in Microsoft Teams Call Queues there has been a delay between when an agent answers a call, and when they start hearing audio – I have seen a delay of up to 8 seconds!! Finally, after months of waiting, a fix has arrived in the form of ‘Conference Mode’, and based on some initial testing this is a great improvement!

Conference Mode is enabled on a per queue basis and only supports Microsoft Teams users – you can’t deliver calls to users on Skype for Business using this new mode.

Conference mode is disabled by default but can be enabled if the following requirements are met:

  • Agents added to the call queue need to use one of the following clients:
    • The latest version of the Microsoft Teams desktop client, Android app, or iOS app
    • Microsoft Teams phone version 1449/ or later
  • Agents Teams accounts need to be set to Teams-only mode

If the agent requirements above aren’t met and conference mode is enabled on a call queue, agents who don’t meet the requirements aren’t included in the call routing list. Agents who aren’t in the call routing list won’t receive calls. 

After conference mode is enabled on a call queue, calls will benefit from the faster connection time if they’re received via one of the following methods:

  • VoIP calls from another Microsoft Teams desktop client
  • Calling Plan PSTN calls
  • Direct Routing PSTN calls

For all other methods, the call will still be received, but it won’t benefit from the faster connection time.

For more information see the Microsoft Teams official documentation.

Let me know how you find this new call delivery method once you’ve taken it for a spin.



  1. “Microsoft Teams phone version 1449/ or later”

    Do we have a way to get that other than waiting on MS to push it out? And if we have to wait on MS to push it out when is that happening?

  2. Hi, we’ve noticed that when conference mode is enabled a smartphone user (iOS or Android) has only the call queue-name in his Call history, but not the caller that he had actually on the phone…
    Do you know if there’s a way to change that?


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