Microsoft Ignite Roundup 2020: Teams Calling


This article is part of a series that aims to provide an easy to consume roundup of Ignite 2020 announcements. I’ll be covering anything from the Microsoft 365 stack that I personally think will have the biggest impact on users. I won’t be covering Azure or much on any Microsoft 365 admin controls. If I spotted a release date, I have added that in brackets. Release dates are estimates only and could of course change.

Articles in the series:

  1. Microsoft Teams Meetings
  2. Microsoft Teams Calling (this one)

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

New user experience

  • Better user interface layout that shows contacts, voicemail, and call history in one view
  • Dial names and numbers from the dial-pad
  • Call history filters
  • Call forwarding and device settings quick access

Call Flows

  • Reporting enhancements (preview Q3 2020)
    • Historical reporting (available after 15 mins)
    • AA and CQ detailed and summary call info
    • Per-agent detail and summary call info
    • PowerBI template initially, then later in the Teams Admin Centre
  • Delegated announcement recording (preview Q4 2020):
    • Supervisors will be able re-record Auto Attendant messages
    • To do so, you will call into the Auto Attendant and be guided through a series of prompts to change the greetings

Collaborative calling

  • Bring Call Queues into your team channels
  • Shared queue log for agents and managers to examine history
  • View agent status and control queue availability
  • Shared voicemail queue

Survivability (preview Q3)

  • Session Border Controller (SBC) vendors can implant a Microsoft supplied virtual machine that provides PSTN survivability when offline (much like SfB SBA’s today)
  • Leverages Teams Offline Mode
  • Will support PSTN calling when connection to the cloud is down
  • In the future it will support Teams to Teams calling

More Microsoft Calling Plan countries added

  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • More countries coming in 2021


  • Lots more Microsoft Teams native device options
  • Skype for Business phones will be (3PIP) supported beyond 2023!
  • Core calling feature support for Cisco, Audiocodes Yealink, Polyphones that are not Microsoft Teams native
  • Device as a Service for all Microsoft Teams devices (beginning in US and Canada)


  • Mid-call device switching for calls, group calls and meetings
  • Quickly add another device to an existing call
  • Captions, Transcription and Recording for 1:1 calls
  • Support for Direct Routing numbers in Caller Line ID (preview Q4)
  • Dynamic caller ID – choose the caller ID per call, for example from an Auto Attendant or Call Queue
  • Spam/spoofing call detection:
    • Provides an indication that a call is suspected as spam (preview Q3)
    • Long term some calls might be blocked completely if Microsoft are certain its spam.
    • Global Tenant block list still available

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