Andrew Morpeth

Andrew is a Modern Workplace Consultant specialising in Microsoft technologies based in Auckland, New Zealand; Andrew is a Director and Professional Services Manager at Lucidity Cloud Services and a Microsoft MVP.

Active Directory Options Demystified – ADDS, AADDS, AAD

There are several Active Directory options in today's cloud-centric world. This article demystifies and provides guidance on your best option.

Microsoft 365 Feature Roundup April 2021

Every few months I round up some of the key feature announcements from Microsoft 365 in a quick and to the point fashion. Where possible...

NZ to get native Microsoft Teams calling

New Zealand (NZ) is set to get native Microsoft Teams calling by July 2021 - this feature allows you to replace your telephony solution with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams calling for NZ further reduces the barrier to using Microsoft Teams as a telephony replacement solution for New Zealand businesses.

Microsoft Teams Calling Options for Telephony Replacement

Microsoft Teams Calling provides telephony replacement capability that could replace your PABX or any other solution you may have. This article takes you through the options and when to use them, and the licencing you will require to activate this feature for your users.

Skype for Business Response Groups Made Easy

Call Flow Manager for Skype for Business and Lync makes creating and managing Response Groups easy! No more bouncing between interfaces to configure a simple call flow. Call Flow Manager brings all the functionality of the Response Group service into a single user interface

Office 365 Backup with Synology NAS

There are many reasons that you may want to back up your Office 365 data. The most common reasons I see are data sovereignty...

Microsoft 365 Feature Roundup Dec 2020

Feature Roundup Presentation Microsoft 365 key feature releases and announcements for June to December 2020, in an easy to digest PowerPoint format.

My reading list for personal and professional development in 2020

If like me you are interested in personal and professional development, I thought I would share some of my top picks (as at 2020)....

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Automate Ribbon SBC1000 & SBC2000 Backups

Using PowerShell 3.0+ you can backup Ribbon (previously Sonus) SBC1000 and SBC2000 SBC's using the REST API. Firstly, you will need to create a user...