I’m Andrew Morpeth, a Collaboration Consultant and Microsoft MVP. I’m obsessed about getting things done in the most efficient way possible and believe strongly in work-life balance. I started Obsessed Efficiency to blog about Microsoft technology, personal development and leadership


Mission Statement

Obsessed Efficiency’s goal is to help you get more out of Microsoft technology, yourself and your people.

More about Obsessed Efficiency (previously UC Geek)

Not so long ago technology was something that only geeks did, and this blog was focused mostly on technical content on the topic of deploying and maintaining Skype for Business. Back then, we were known as ‘UC Geek’. Times have changed and so have we.

The knowledge era is the next revolution and it’s powered by technology – it has infiltrated most aspects of our lives today. Technology is now for all and as a result it has become much more people-centric. Therefore this blog must become more people-centric.

What to expect from Obsessed Efficiency:

  • We’ll focus a lot more on how you as the end user of a product can get more out of it
  • Technology now moves at pace not seen before and will continue to do so. To continue to get the best out of it we need a change mindset to challenge our way of thinking and doing on a daily basis. Expect articles on professional and personal development
  • People are most important and they should be treated that way through great leadership. You’ll likely stumble across a few articles on the topic
  • The old geeky stuff wont be going anywhere, and we’ll continue to provide technical content, scripts and tools for the I.T. Pro, but this will become a secondary goal


The content posted on this blog is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but offered with with no guarantee. Any statements and opinions expressed within are solely the personal views of the author.