Lync Phone Edition Log Viewer

Lync Phone Edition Log Viewer allows you to view and filter the logs held on the Lync Phone Edition devices. These logs are actually very useful once the garbage has been removed, and reveal a lot about the sign-in process and the errors that come with it.

If you find this useful and wish to support future development, please consider donating.

Device logs are actually available directly from the phone by using FTP e.g. ftp://<ip address of phone>. I believe this feature was introduced in CU7/8 so if your phone is not up to date out of the factory, you may need to do this before you can access the logs.

The log files stored on the phone are in .clg format and are not humanly readable, so the tool first converts the file to text using readlog.exe. Once in text format the data is processed removing most of the garbage that is un-useful to troubleshooting, and displays this on screen. At this point you can filter your results for informational, warning and error messages. Additionally there is an “Easy View” option which displays the information I have learnt to be useful (feel free to let me know if I have missed anything).

Here are the steps to get the phone ready and view the logs:
  1. Enable Remote Log Access by selecting “Menu” -> “Remote Log Access” and confirming the warning presented. Note that you will not be able to enable and view logs if your are currently signed in to the phone
  2. Find the IP address of your phone by selecting “Menu” -> “System Information” and then look for “IP Address”
  3. FTP to the phone ftp://<ip address of phone> to copy off log files, or specify the IP in LPE Log Viewer
  4. Click “Select” to browse to the log file you want to read. If you have provided a “Phone IP Address” you will be connected directly to the phone
  5. Select “Query” to process the logs
  6. Once the logs have been imported you can use the view options to filter the results
This is version 1, I will be improving the tool as time permits so please leave feedback.


  • PowerShell 2.0+


  • Download the tool here



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