Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Voice Experts You Should Follow

Want to keep in the know about Microsoft Unified Communications (UC)? Here are the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business experts you should follow!

Name On The Web Social
Adam Ball BlogMVP Twitter
Adam Jacobs BlogMVP Twitter 
Alex Lewis MVP Twitter 
Alessio Giombini Blog Twitter
Alexis Conia Blog | MVP Twitter
Andrew John Price Blog Twitter
Andrew Morpeth BlogMVP Twitter 
Bhargav Shukla Blog | MVP Twitter
Brian R Ricks BlogMVP Twitter 
Anthony Caragol BlogMVP Twitter
Chris Hayward Blog Twitter
Chris Lehr Blog Twitter
Curtis Johnstone BlogMVP
Craig Chiffers Blog Twitter
Desmond Lee BlogMVP
Dino Caputo BlogMVP Twitter
Drago Totev BlogMVP Twitter 
Fabrizio Volpe BlogMVP Twitter 
Flinchböt Blog Twitter
Georg Thomas BlogMVP Twitter 
Graham Cropley Blog Twitter
Greig Sheridan BlogMVP Twitter 
Gurdeep Pall Microsoft Twitter
Guy Bachar Blog Twitter 
Habib Mankal Blog | MVP Twitter
Iain Smith BlogMVP Twitter 
James Arber Blog Twitter
James Cussen BlogMVP Twitter 
Jamie Stark Microsoft Twitter
Jason Sloan Twitter
Jason Wynn Blog Twitter
Jeff Schertz BlogMVP Twitter 
Johan Delimon BlogMVP Twitter 
John A Cook Blog Twitter
Jonathan McKinney BlogMVP Twitter 
Josh Blalock Blog | MVP Twitter
Julian Bee BlogMVP Twitter 
Justin Morris BlogMVP Twitter 
Ken Lasko BlogMVP Twitter 
Kevin Kieller Blog Twitter
Korbyn Forsman Blog Twitter
Lasse Nordvik Wedø BlogMVP Twitter 
Luca Vitali Blog | MVP Twitter
Mark Vale Blog | MVP Twitter 
Matt Landis BlogMVP Twitter 
Michael LaMontagne BlogMVP Twitter 
Mika Ullgren Blog Twitter
Mostafa Eltohamy Blog Twitter 
Pat Richard BlogMVP Twitter 
Paul Bloem BlogMVP Twitter 
Randy Wintle BlogMVP Twitter 
Richard J Brynteson BlogMVP Twitter
Randy Chapman Blog Twitter 
Shane Hoey BlogMVP Twitter 
Ståle Hansen BlogMVP Twitter 
Thamara Wijesinghe BlogMVP
Thomas Poett BlogMVP Twitter 
Tim Harrington BlogMVP Twitter 
Tom Arbuthnot BlogMVP Twitter 
Tom Morgan Blog | MVP Twitter 
Tom Pacyk Blog Twitter 
Trevor Miller Blog Twitter
The UC Architects Blog Twitter
Yoav Barzilay Blog Twitter 

Other Languages

Name On The Web Social
Peter Diaz (Spanish) Blog | MVP Twitter
Rodolfo Castro (Spanish)
Blog | MVP Twitter


Think I have missed someone? Please get in touch if you would like to add yourself or recommend someone.



  1. Hey Andrew!

    Great list. There are some big names in the Microsoft UC space there, for sure! While I am sure I am not quite on the level of many of those names yet, I am truly working towards that goal. If you would like to, check out my blog at if you like what you see, feel free to throw me on there as well!



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