Sonus SBC 5k/SWe Log Viewer

Sonus SBC 5k/SWe Log Viewer

The Sonus SBC 5k/SWe Log Viewer allows you to easily filter and search debug log files. I am hoping to get some feedback from Sonus on how to categorise the various debug message types, as there is currently no documentation on this. For now, you can filter by Info, Minor, Major and Easy View. Easy View will display error messages I have found useful from the field, and will be updated over time. If you find any debug goodness you want added let me know!


  • PowerShell 2.0+



    • I havent no. However, I have done similar with the SBC Edge devices and monitoring platforms using Syslog. If you can collect that data and apply filters to it, then you should be able to build something. Im not familiar with Splunk.


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