Lync Edge Port Tester Tool


Tool developed by James Cussen over at My Lync Lab to assist in testing firewall rules for the Lync Edge server. Goodbye to my port test list!


  • One tool for testing both ends of the connection. Run the Lync Edge Port Tester on your Edge server and on an internal and external network machine.
  • Test both UDP and TCP ports are open in both directions.
  • Select a profile from the list (Edge Outside, Edge Inside, Front End, Client Outside, Client Inside) to check all the relevant ports for that connection type.
  • Open all the required firewall ports temporarily with the press of a button.
  • Can be used to test connections to a live Edge (or Front End) server. If you run the tool on a live edge server it will automatically learn which ports are currently in use and only allow you to Listen on unused ports.
  • Can be used on a Consolidated Edge configuration or on an Edge running with a single external IP address (ie. all 443 services running on different ports). The Single External IP check box allows for this configuration.
  • Tool Tips to provide you with contextual help.
  • All in one interface. (Over 100 interface objects! Yep, that was a lot of typing…)


For more information check it out here –



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