Install or Update Lync Server System – What does it do?


What does the “Install or Update Lync Server System” step in the deployment process actually do?

This step is essentially like running a setup installer that adds or removes components, and updates configuration. Rather than collecting the setup information from the user who runs it, instead it connects to the Central Management Store (CMS) to determine the servers role, and therefore the components that need to be added, removed or updated.

Unlike most setup installers that are run once, Install or Update Lync Server System is commonly run after changes are made to the topology. I haven’t come across a list of topology changes that require it to be run, but here are a few situations I know about:

  • If you have added or removed a role from a Lync server you should run on the effected server
  • Additional or removal of a SIP domain
  • Change to meeting, dialin or admin URL’s
  • Any other change that may effect Lync web services
If you have anything to add or I have got anything wrong please let me know.


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