Lync Room System (LRS) Configuration


Only screenshots for now, will update my experiences soon as time permits.

Useful Information:

The End product:

Lync/Exchange Setup:

  1. Run .New-CsLyncRoomSystem.ps1  to configure Lync and Exchange
  2. If you dont already have suitable user policies for LRS these will need to be created
    • Ensure that you assign a UserServicePolicy with Unified Contact Store (UCS) disabled
  3. Assign Policies:
    • Grant Conferencing Policy
      Grant-CsConferencingPolicy -PolicyName “LyncRoomSystem Policy” -Identity “LRS User Account”
    • Grant UserServicePolicy
      Grant-CsUserServicesPolicy -PolicyName “LyncRoomSystem Policy”  -Identity “LRS User Account”
    • Grant Dial Plan Policy
      Grant-CsDialPlan -PolicyName “LyncRoomSystem Policy”  -Identity “LRS User Account”
    • Grant Voice Policy
      Grant-CsVoicePolicy -PolicyName “LyncRoomSystem Policy”  -Identity “LRS User Account”
    • Grant External Access Policy
      Grant-CsExternalAccessPolicy -PolicyName “LyncRoomSystem Policy”  -Identity “LRS User Account”

LRS Configuration Screenshots:
























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