Skype for Business is now Microsoft Teams!?


So it looks like the rumors are true, Skype for Business is going to undergo yet another name change! (yawn). I absolutely love Microsoft Teams, and actually prefer the experience over Skype for Business, but I wish they would make up their mind 🙂

At this stage it appears that this will only effect Skype for Business Online, it’s anyone’s guess whats in store for Skype for Business Server vNext.

Hopefully going forward Microsoft Teams will inherit all of the functionality of Skype for Business, most importantly PSTN Calling and Cloud PBX, as well as external guest access which is been in the works for a while now. It’s worth noting that Skype Consumer and Microsoft Teams share a common code base, and I’m picking that Microsoft have been slowly migrating Skype for Business features in to this new “v2” Unified Communications platform to rule them all! Time will tell; I think MS Ignite it shaping up for some big announcements, cant wait!

Here’s whats been showing up for some users:





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