Update Skype for Business meeting join info for existing meeting


I was in need of a way to update existing Skype Meeting join information. Once you have made an Outlook meeting a Skype Meeting, the “New Skype Meeting” button disappears. Even if you delete the meeting join info, the button does not return.

I found a clunky way to get around this:

  1. Add the “Skype Meeting” command to the quick access toolbar:

  2. If you want to update the meeting join info use this command. You don’t have to delete the existing join info if it hasn’t been modified:

If anyone has a better way please let me know! Surely there is?



  1. Yep. Create new invite, add the Skype Meeting. Link appears. Copy the link. Paste the link on the existing invite. You can now delete the “fake” invitation you created just to “steal” the Skype Meeting link.


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