Skype for Business Edge Server reboots when adding media to conversation


Came across a weird one a few weeks back. Had me head scratching for about 3 days.

The Problem

Get this – any time an externally connected Skype for Business user added media to a conversation – audio, video or screen sharing – the Edge server they were connected to would reboot every time! And, there were 2 Edge servers that did the same thing!!

Long story short, the issue came down to VMWare guest tools. For some reason the vShield Endpoint/Guest Introspection Drivers were causing this. I was lead here by the BSOD memory dump which mentioned the faulting driver was tdx.sys.

The Fix

On each of the Edge servers from Programs and Features, select “Change” then remove the “NSX File Introspection Driver”:


These articles helped me find my way 🙂



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