Convert an existing team to an org-wide team (Microsoft Teams)


I might be a little slow, but it took me a fair while to figure out how to change an existing Microsoft Teams team to an org-wide team, so I thought I would share the process. This process can be used to change the team privacy settings in general. The options are:

  • Org-wide – Everyone in your organization will be automatically added
  • Private – Only team owners can add members
  • Public – Anyone in your organisation can join


  • Only Global Admins can create org-wide teams
  • The Global Admin will need to be a team owner

Once you’ve got that sorted find the team you want to convert. Select the “…” menu, then “Edit team”:

Select “Org-wide – Everyone in your organization will be automatically added” from the privacy options menu:

That was pretty easy right! I think I am slow…



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