Online Meeting Etiquette

Some tips for successful online meetings.


Hi, I hope all of you are faring well amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

I swear I read an article on Microsoft Teams meeting etiquette (or any online meeting for that matter), but alas I can’t find it. A customer reported a bunch of the usual stuff so I thought I could point them towards said article. Instead I had to resort to what I had in my head, and here it is for all to share.

  • Set an agenda and include it in the meeting invite
  • Read the agenda and come prepared
  • Try to avoid multi-tasking while in a meeting – if you don’t need to be there, then excuse yourself
  • Keep yourself on mute unless you are speaking – unexpected noise can really disrupt the flow
  • Give people a few seconds to speak when called upon – un-muting can take longer than you think!
  • Use video when speaking, but feel free to turn it off when your not
  • Be conscious that its easy to talk over one another due to the slight delay and limited visual cues – do your best to ‘give way’ and don’t try and talk over the top of one another
  • If you are sharing your screen or presenting, be sure to close any applications you don’t want to share and turn off notifications and sounds
  • If there are post meeting objectives, make sure they are clear – it could just be the next meeting date/time
  • When in doubt, practice common courtesy

And some COVID-19 extra’s brought to you by Mark Maughan:

  • Say hello to anyone’s kids that happen to pop into frame
  • Don’t worry if someone is holding a pet
  • Make Agenda item 1 “check how people are doing”

If you have any other items you think I should add, let me know!


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