Bad Experience with 24/7 Hosting


If you are thinking of hosting a web site in New Zealand you’ve probably come across 24/7 Hosting.

I moved my sites to them a month ago and have had nothing but trouble with their support. I also paid for a service that I did not receive, and after many attempts to make contact, I am yet to receive a response let alone a refund!!

I am not alone either, I suggest having a read of these forums:

Proceed with caution with these guys.



  1. I've given up! These guys had been the worst experience I've ever had and still leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. I've been without email and a website since last Thursday and their phone lines are now disconnected.

    Fortunately I have found a very patient fellow at which is currently working through transferring my file.

    I wouldn't even say proceed with caution. I just wouldn't even go there!

  2. In my opinion they must be going down the spout, they don't respond to tickets (some have been deleted) and I can no longer access my control panel, WHM, account, etc. Phone numbers all disconnected and no means of contact. The director appears to not live in NZ.

  3. I would stay away – my I tried to get my EPP to transfer my .com domain elsewhere. I was told to contact Voyager, I did and got told my domain name is registered in Panama. I looked at Whois and I am not even down as the Admin or Registrant contact – the Panama company is. On Paper I don't even own the domain I am paying for, certainly not expecting to be able to keep it.


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