Sonus SBC 1000-2000 Updates June 2014


SBC 1000-2000 Service Advisory 2014-06-27

Announcing availability of SBC 1000/2000 system release 3.1.2 build 297

Purpose of the Service Advisory:

  1. An enhancement to the Remote Authorization Table has been introduced in software release 3.1.2 build 297.
  2. An enhancement to the Monitor application that ensures interoperability with recent JRE 7 and JRE 8 security changes.

Applies to:
This Service Advisory applies to all SBC 1000/2000 with or without built-in ASM modules that are running software release prior to 3.1.2 build 297.


  1. After installing 3.1.2 build 296 or higher, some or all calls to a SIP Trunk no longer function due to authentication failure.  The enhancement further restricts unknown and unauthorized users to place calls.
  2. The Monitor application gives error “Failed to validate certificate. The application will not be executed.” and the Monitor application fails to start.

For more information, please see the following linked PDFs:

  • Calls Fail to SIP Trunk After Installing SBC 1000-2000 version 3.1.2 build 296 or Higher
  • Monitor Application Fails to Load With Java Error Upgrade verification

Once upgraded, verify the software version and build number match the following:

Software Version:  3.1.2
Build Number: 297


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