Sonus LX 2 Released


Sonus has released a new version of its Log Exchange (LX) tool. Features noted in the release:

  • New Syslog server
  • LX as a Windows Service for Syslogging
  • Support for merging multiple call legs based on GCID (UX only)
  • Intelligent log search
  • Built in SFTP/SCP support to download external logs
  • Support for parsing large log files
  • 64bit support
  • Syslog save to disk support
  • Syslog disk log rotation based on file size support
  • Syslog auto delete old logs support
  • Memory/CPU metrics and charts
  • Call rate, SIP/ISDN metrics and charts
  • Call duration analysis
  • Major performance improvements

Call Statistics

You can now view call statistics from your syslogs:




The debug logs have been consolidated in to a single tab where you can filter as required. One important thing you will be looking for is the route selection process, which can be found by selecting the “Route” subsystem and then choosing “Level” you want to report at (typically debug):




You can now also view detailed media information in addition to SIP messages. To enable this select “File” -> “Settings”, then turn on “Show advanced media info”. Once you do this LX will display media information in line with SIP messages:





  1. Finally.. after all these years! The previous version of this tool was a shame from such a mid-size company, well it would be shame even from a small garage company.


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