Microsoft Teams Call Queue no audio with SWe Lite Direct Routing


There is a current known issue on Ribbon (Sonus) SWe Lite whereby audio fails to Agents picking up calls to a Call Queue. This effects Microsoft Teams Direct Routing customers who are using SWe Lite. It’s my understanding that the issue does not affect other Ribbon models. If you see this issue, I recommend you log it with Ribbon as they may be able to help you with an early build of the fix.

Here are the symptoms I am seeing – In all cases the calls ring and transfer correctly, its just an issue with the audio working or failing:

  • Calling an Auto Attendant and transferring to a person works
  • Calling an Auto Attendant an selecting an option that transfers to a queue works
  • Call Queue calls that transfer to a person directly (not a group) works
  • Call Queue calls delivered to a group of agents fail whether the call is direct to the queue or via an Auto Attendant



  1. Hi Andrew
    Do you know what the underlying issue with Direct Routing and no audio on call queues is? I have the same issue, however, its with Audiocodes SBC not ribbon.


    • In this case it was related to firmware on the SBC. This stuff is all very new so might be with checking with AudioCodes in case they have a similar issue. The other thing to consider is NAT – if you are using it you need to make sure you configure the SBC to handle it. The AudioCodes docs are pretty good and call this out. If you cant find it let me know and I will dig it up.


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