Review: Yealink MVC300 Microsoft Teams Room


In this video I look at the Yealink MVC-300, a Microsoft Teams Room system for huddle and small meeting rooms. This a great entry level device for your small rooms, and it’s pretty cost effective coming in ~US$3,500. Please subscribe if you liked the video and feel free to ask questions below.


  • Really like the touch screens size and responsiveness
  • Option for wireless sharing – just purchase the dongle WPP20
  • Camera supports pan, tilt and zoom
  • Yealink are one of few vendors with a solution in all Microsoft Teams device categories. With Yealinks cloud-based management platform, you can monitor and manage all your devices whether they be rooms, phones or user devices such as cameras


  • Cabling between the screen and table could be better. Other vendors have single cable solutions that allow more flexible options for device placement. Wiring diagram from the video is here

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About my reviews

  • I have no allegiance to any particular vendor
  • I try to actively use any device I review a few days/times so I get a good feel for it
  • My aim is to give you my opinion based on my experience with the device and in the industry
  • I don’t know everything nor can I test everything. I recommend putting any device though its paces before any widespread rollout
  • If you think I have anything wrong please let me know so I can correct it
  • I’m happy to answer any questions below


  1. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the review!

    It looks like Yealink heard your concern about wiring and released MVC300 II version with a single cable between the PC and control panel. Not sure if it’s widely available though.

    • No problem, thanks for reading. Yes, I saw that too, great news!! I asked our local distributor, and they were still unsure when stock will become available. I’ll try and get my hands on one and do a compare.


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