Ensure your Outlook meeting reminders are always on top


If your like me, you have fell victim to hidden Outlook reminders, and the resulting missed or tardy appearances to meetings, then this is a tip for you.

Previously there was no way to ensure Outlook reminders where always on top of other windows. As a result, if you had an open reminder dialogue (due to un-dismissed/snoozed reminder) hidden behind other windows, new reminders would not result in the window being pushed to the front of all other windows. Not so long ago, an option was added to change this behaviour. Now you can ensure that reminders will always be shown on top of other windows making it much harder to miss. Here’s how you can enable the feature…

Select the ‘File’ menu:

Select ‘Options’:

Select the ‘Advanced’ tab and scroll down to the ‘Reminders’ section. There you will find the option you want to select ‘Show reminders on top of other windows’:



  1. For me, this is still not good enough. I get tunnel vision and don’t notice the reminders. The second I move to a new window, the reminder is hidden again.

    I need a way for these reminders to stay on top of all other windows, and never leave until I dismiss them.

    Do you have any other ideas?


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