Call reporting for Microsoft Teams Auto Attendants and Call Queues


Finally, we have the ability to run reports for Microsoft Teams Auto Attendants and Call Queues, albeit probably a little clunky for the average user.

UPDATE: v3 reports have been released. See what they look like here.

Today reporting is only available via the PowerBI app using a Microsoft supplied report template. Microsoft have promised that these reports will eventually be available directly in the Microsoft Teams Admin Centre which will be a welcome improvement.

The official documentation details the process pretty well – you can find it here. In my case I wasn’t presented with any sample data as mentioned in the instructions, not sure why. Once you have followed the instructions you should be able the following reports.

Auto Attendant

Call Queue

Agent Timeline

As an aside, there are several other report templates for Microsoft Teams that you might find useful too – check them out here. Happy reporting!




  1. this is really good… But I couldnt figure out how you can see call logs… and specially the time that the call took place… This is an overview… it gives you the dates and number of calls… do you guys know how I can get that data?

  2. Hi Andrew, I need some help on getting status of the agents in a queue and their performance, any help is highly appreciated, thanks in advanced.

  3. That Microsoft Power BI report looks fancy, but also a bit vague, particularly with the Dial Options usage in an Auto Attendant.

    I’ve been asked to report on how often each of our options are used (“Press 1 for Marketing, 2 for Widgets, 3 for Sprockets, 4 for Sales…”) but I can’t see this explicitly/clearly included in that Power BI report, nor in the reports available from the Teams Admin Centre. Is it me? 😉


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