Andrew Morpeth

Andrew is a Modern Workplace Consultant specialising in Microsoft technologies based in Auckland, New Zealand; Andrew is a Director and Professional Services Manager at Lucidity Cloud Services and a Microsoft MVP.

Lync 2010 – Manually Updating the address book

Run the follwing command in the Lync Power Shell:Update-CsAddressBook

Lync 2010 – Error when changing Lync users settings

When you try and change a users settings you get "Active Directory Operation Failed on..." "You do not have the appropriate permissions to perform...

Exch 2010 – Change Auto Discovery URL’s

Change Web Services Location – Availability Service and Out of Office (OOF) Get-webservicesvirtualdirectory | fl identity,internalurl,externalurl Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -Identity "MachineNameEWS (Default Web Site)" -ExternalURL https:// -BasicAuthentication:$true Change...

EXCH 2010 – Adding Thumbnail Pictures

The following command imports a picture to the thumbnailphoto attribute in AD. This can be used by Outlook, Lync, SharePoint and other application to display a...

Exch 2010 – Manual Offline Address Book Update

PowerShell Update-OfflineAddressbook “Default Offline Address List” Update-FileDistributionService Management Console Go to the Exchange management console, under "Organization Configuration" select the "Mailbox" container, go to the "Offline Address Book"...

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